Are there cases available currently for the Replay?

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There are many Mini-ITX cases available on the market that may be suitable for the Replay. Currently we have tested the Antec ISK110 Vesa-U3 and found this to be suitable, both with or without the upcoming 68060 daughterboard. It also comes with a 90w PWR Supply plus 2x front USB 2.0 Ports. These cases also can be purchased from most computer Stores around the globe. Scroll down our main page, for links both in Europe and The USA. See also our ATX Power interfaces, which connects and interfaces to the replay the allowing it to be Switched on an off and reset etc via the front of the PC case.

Lastly Note: Currently there will be also a new Replay ATX back plate to not only accommodate the new baseboard but also the upcoming daughterboard combined. This will be made available when ready.

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