Does it support HDMI & VGA video out? What resolutions are possible?

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The Replay supports Both HDMI and VGA out. Just use adapters from your local electronic shop to convert from DVI to HDMI or VGA. Resolutions and outputs can be either 50/60hz PAL or NTSC outputs on both a TV or Monitor. Screen resolutions can go from 320×200 NTSC or PAL 320×256 right the way upto 1920×1080 (Monitor & Core dependent). Note eg: to achieve 256color resolutions and above using 800×600 and larger on an Amiga you will need to also install the Picasso96 RTG drivers. This is like using the Amiga with a graphics card for example which is then making the Amiga or Core in use, use the sw graphics card instead for some of the functionality. Note: Other Cores like AtariST and MacOs information will be updated when available on procedures on this for there operation and gfx etc.

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