How do I enable the Ethernet Port?

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Ethernet install (Replay1 daughterboard.)

1) Install Roadshow (The Amiga TCP/IP stack) from the link below.
2) Next download the replay ethernet device replayeth.device from the link below. and copy replayeth.device to the devs:network/ and create a new roadshow netinterface. One this is done and you have rebooted your Amiga, you should then be able to download say a webbrowser and open webpages automatically. Eg: IBrowse or Netsurf etc.

Also Note at this time, that the Replay1 Ethernet device is stable with a 68060 CPU running @50/55 MHz. Running over this speed eg: @55-100 MHz, you may or will see currently unstable results.
For the techies out there, The Replay1 w/ 060db eth is about 14-15 Mbit/s (running roadshow (tcp/ip)).

Ethernet install (Replay2……Coming soon)

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