How to install and setup the 060 Daughterboard Amiga

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How to setup the Replay1 060 Daughterboard and optional components.

Firstly you need a working set of disks 3.1/3.1.4 preferably and you’ll need an updated ROM and other files from the one in replay release for the 060. 

060 CPU install
1) Download the 68060 core files from and add them to your SDcard. This will include the following files, “replay.ini“,”replay.rom” and “replay_amiga_68060.bit“. You must use these for the daughterboard and they cannot be mixed with the amiga_aga core files.
2) Note on SDcard setup: Assuming you have not already, you need to prior to this, setup an sdcard for the replay. In this archive, it will show you the basic files required to boot the replay and a core. Also, see this link on how to create a replay Amiga sdcard and partitions from scratch After this is done, apart from again setting up the card as shown in the docs link above, you then need to install the 060 libraries on your sdcard so as it will boot automatically with the replay.
3) You will find the Motorola 040/060 library files here, or
4) You should then be able to access the 060 from wb and or other software including the FPU etc. Also lastly make sure that you have the latest Replay1 Firmware

If you try and install a 3.1 workbench install disk say eg: (rev 40.42) and get a software failure this is because the SetPatch command is loading the wrong 680×0.library from LIBS:.
You can still boot without startup sequence, and you can (normally) boot to workbench w/o running setpatch at all (if needed – to update the system) (i.e. by commenting out the SetPatch command in S/Startup-Sequence).
The OS 3.1 SetPatch command will load the 68040.library, but you need to replace the stock 68040 with the updated 68040 one. If you don’t, the 68060 library isn’t used. Later versions of the OS eg: and 3.1.x has an updated SetPatch that can detect the 68060 and bypass the crash on boot of a new install.
To boot without the startup sequence, Insert install disk, reboot wait for replay logo to go away then press l/r mouse buttons, then click boot without startup sequence. From here you can either edit s/startup sequence or enter the command “Loadwb” and then from there, run the installer from the install disk.

Also note: At this time, the local/fast ram on the Daughter board is Daughter board specific and as such, **at this time is not accessible by the Replay1 Baseboard without using the 060 core which will enable all the Daughter board Hardware also, including Ethernet,Usb, Ram etc. Note: These Upper Hardware features on the Daughterboard….The Sdcard , Audio in , RTclock and Floppydrive connector are still accessible with the 020 (aga) core regardless.
** Features and Design can or may change.

Additional installation for the Daughterboard Hw below for Amiga WorkBench.

Ethernet install
1) Install Roadshow (The Amiga TCP/IP stack) from the link below.
2) Next download the replay ethernet device replayeth.device from the link below. and copy replayeth.device to the devs:network/
3) Next create a new roadshow netinterface.

Note: The latest replay.rom for the daughterboard has the replayeth.device built in so there will be no need for step 2 above and just continue with step 3. You need to make sure if using this route that you get the version currently from here. Github.

4) Once this is done, and you have rebooted your Amiga, you should then be able to download say a webbrowser and open webpages automatically. Eg: IBrowse or Netsurf etc.

Also note at this time, that the Replay1 Ethernet device is stable with a 68060 CPU running @50/55 MHz. Running over this speed eg: @55-100 MHz, you may or will see currently unstable results.
For the techies out there, The Replay1 w/ 060db eth speeds are aprox :-, Roadshow (tcp/ip) ~14-15 Mbit/s , Genesis (tcp/ip) ~10 mbit , AmiTCP (tcp/ip) ~10 mbit, Miami (tcp/ip) ~6 mbit

USB install

1) Download the Poseidon (The Amiga USB Stack) from the link below. and download (PoseidonV4.lha) and (PoseidonV4.readme).
Note: The replayusb.device is in the replay.rom, so it will be loaded with your core files.
Also make sure you are using the latest replay.ini / replay.rom and replay_amiga_68060.bit files from the Github.

2) Next extract and Install Poseidon and when or if asked for the device name, enter replayusb.device.
Reboot your Amiga and you should be able to use the USB port(s) including Wireless Keyboards & Mice dongles including for example the (Logitech k400r) and (Rapoo 8000) dongles.

Floppydisk Connector
1) The Floppydisk connector can be enabled via the OSD (On screen display) when ready. Also the replay will see this then as a real floppy drive eg: df0: Note: If a real Hardware Floppydisk drive is selected in OSD, it becomes the DF0: drive to boot up on, also when that is, you still get the use of df1:,df2:,df3 drives on .ADF’S on also drives on wb or out of wb for adf’s on those drives as well.

Also note: There are settings in the Computer Core files eg: AtariST and Amiga for example, Amiga 020/060 .ini files that have settings also for the floppy drives and what type you are using. You can select either to use PC or Amiga floppy drives on the floppy drive connector and also what jumped setting is required for this to work if using a PC floppydrive.
Note: In relation to the what floppydrive is selected in the .ini, technically its because it needs to respond to DS0 select when in Amiga mode, and if in PC mode this usually responds to DS1 select to work correctly.

RTC Clock
Nothing is required to start it, it will work automatically.

Nothing is required to configure it, it will work automatically.

AHI Audio install note: The Daughterboard is not a requirement for the AHI installation.
However, because of the taxing effects on the CPU in the programs using at times AHI in relation to spectrum analyzers and mixing and polyphase sinc filtered resampling etc, a 060 CPU can be very beneficial.
Follow the installation instructions here to install the AHI Audio. Installation instructions.

Rtg Graphics install Note: The Daughterboard is not a requirement for the RTG installation.
However, certain games like doom or quake or possibly other upcoming Amiga or other platform / Core games etc can make use of the RTG screen modes along with the 060 accelerator.
Follow the installation instructions here to install the RTG. Installation instructions.

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